What makes ShoutJax chat widgets different?

ShoutJax's widgets are the first fully ajax driven shoutboxes/chatboxes/commentboxes of their kind & they are available for free!

Your free chat widget is also fully hosted on our servers, so there is no need to worry about any messy installation, database setup, or file hosting. You simply sign up for free and drop the code into your site... and it just works!

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What is a shoutbox?

A shoutbox a.k.a tagboard/chatbox, is an easy to use messaging system that allows you to interact with others instantly.

A shoutbox is a great interactive add-on that gets your visitors coming back for more! Simply drop in the shoutbox to your blog or website and have an instant fancy looking web 2.0 chat box for your users to interact with eachother in real time!

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How it works?

A shoutbox can easily be placed on your blog or website. Our widgets seamlessly integrate into blogspot pages, wordpress sites, and any other personal websites or blogs! Once added, your visitors can easily post comments in your shoutbox in real time for anyone else visiting the page!

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Blogspot Logo Blogspot Users simply sign up for free, create your shoutbox, and click 1 button to automatically add a shoutbox to your blogger page within seconds! Click to see a preview

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