Privacy Policy

At ShoutJax, your privacy is important to us. This document describes the type of personal information we collect and how we use them.

Personal Information

We ask for some personal details when you sign up for a shoutbox account at ShoutJax, which include:

  1. Name: This is used to identify you when we contact you.
  2. Website URL: This is used for general and administrative purposes.
  3. E-mail: This is used as a contact for general and administrative purposes.
  4. Password: This is used to safeguard your account against unauthorized access.

The information stated above is only stored as a mean to provide an efficient service. These information will not be sold nor disclosed to third parties unless required by law. You may edit and change the above information at any time via the user control panel.


ShoutJax requires cookies to be enabled in your browser for the purpose of storing log-in information and enable the system to function properly. Cookies are also used to store posting information when you post a message at any shoutboxes. This is for your convenience as your name and website/e-mail will be automatically remembered the next time you use the shoutbox.

These cookies are not used to store any confidential user information or to track user activities. They are only readable by ShoutJax.


ShoutJax stores all the messages posted on your shoutbox in order to provide the service.

If you choose to delete your shoutbox, it will be removed from public view immediately. However, due to the way we maintain our service, copies of your shoutbox account data may remain in our back-up systems for an indefinite period.


If you choose to register your name in a shoutbox, it will appear on the online user list during your visit to the shoutbox. This will only display the name you chose upon registration.

Should you disagree to the above policy, you may choose not to register your name.

IP Address

Your IP address will be logged and kept on record whenever you visit or post a message into any shoutboxes. Your IP address will only be used to identify the source of the message, to determine your online status and for other administrative purposes. Your IP address does not contain any private or personal information.