Commentbox features

  Basic Premium Custom
Instant set-up
Implement your widget in your site or blog in less than a minute!
Yes Yes Yes
Easy to use
Everything is customizable via easy point-n-click operations. Even though there are many features, our control panel is very well organized.
Yes Yes Yes
Full Dynamic AJAX
By using the jQuery library we can assure cross browser compatibility, functionality, and speed.
Yes Yes Yes
Access To Design Community
Browse our extensive database of user submitted templates, stylesheets, and other modifications.
Yes Yes Yes
Fully Restylable With CSS
Support for custom CSS styles are easily integrated. Change the look and feel of your widget at anytime!.
Yes Yes Yes
IP Banning
Allows you to ban users by IP address by a click of a button.
Yes Yes Yes
In-box storage
Unlike others, you do not need to open separate window or reload the page to view past messages. All messages are stored in the within the widget for your convenience.
Yes Yes Yes
Auto linker
The widget will identify and automatically converts all web or email addresses into neat clickable links.
Yes Yes Yes
Built In Administration
Login and administrate your widget from within the widget itself!
Yes Yes Yes
IP based Rating System
Don't like a specific comment? rate it down, and it will close and stay closed everytime you come back to view the page!
Yes Yes Yes
Profanity Filter
When turned on, it will filter profane words from being displayed in the widget.
Yes Yes Yes
Security Image Flood Control
When turned on, a security code will be required to submit any comment, when turned on flood control, you can set how many comments a user can submit within 1 minute before the security code displays automatically!
Yes Yes Yes
Use On Multiple Pages
You can add this widget onto multiple static and dynamic pages easily! Each 'room id' will be its own commentbox for that specific page. Simply set your 'page id' to the widgets 'room id' and have the widget show up on all of your dynamic pages within your blog or website!
500 5,000+ Yes
Ads Free
Ads display automatically and unobtrusively for basic users.
No Yes Yes
Password Protected Users
Premium users can enable "registration" for their commentbox! With this feature, users can register within the widget and have a their own account on your website's commentbox automatically!
No Yes Yes
Website lock
Lock access to your website only and prevent the widget from being opened elsewhere.
No Yes Yes
Large storage
Amount of lines/posts this widget supports.
10,000 100,000+ Yes
Remove reciprocal link
Basic users cannot remove the "Powered by ShoutJax line below the widget. If the line is tampered with at all, the widget will automatically disable.
No Yes Yes
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Commentbox widget

The ShoutJax Commentbox, is a simple, drop in, comment system that can scale to your dynamic site easily and intuitively. With multi-page capabilities built right in, you can add this complete drop in comment system to your site or blog in a matter of seconds!

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